Get Help from a Bad Faith Insurance Attorney Serving Sacramento

Though no insurance company hesitates to take your monthly premiums, some companies prefer not to pay for the coverage they promise when you require costly medical care for catastrophic injuries, compensation for theft or property damage, or any other such insurance benefit. These unethical business practices are designed to maximize the company’s profits at the policyholder’s expense. Bad faith strategies used by insurance companies are illegal, and may be grounds for a lawsuit. Each attorney at Sacramento-based firm the Law Offices of Shepard & Haven has the experience necessary to punish insurance companies who try to take advantage of their policyholders. Over the years, we have achieved many sizeable verdicts and settlements against companies that use bad faith insurance tactics. If you suspect that your insurance company is engaging in bad faith practices, choose an attorney you can trust – choose Beverly hills car accident attorneys.

Bad Faith Insurance

When an insurance company takes advantage of policyholders — for instance, by issuing a policy and collecting premiums, then canceling the policy for spurious reasons when benefits are claimed — this is bad faith insurance. A bad faith insurance company puts profits ahead of the well-being of policyholders. This underhanded conduct is illegal, and a bad faith insurance attorney from our Sacramento firm can help you correct the situation if you have become the victim of such exploitation.

Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance Negotiations

If you have been in an auto accident or a truck accident, you will need to negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company. The company is likely to offer you less than you deserve, and negotiating with the company’s representatives may be an antagonistic process. With the aid of an experienced, aggressive bad faith insurance attorney from Shepard & Haven in Sacramento you will have the backing and expertise you need to help you achieve the result you desire. If you were injured in an accident, having strong legal representation is vital to attaining the compensation you deserve. And if an insurance company refuses to offer an adequate settlement, your Shepard & Haven lawyer has the fortitude and extensive trial experience necessary to take your case to court.

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