Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyers Address Your Frequently Asked Questions

The laws and regulations governing trucks and the trucking industry are much more complex than those covering automobiles, and a lawyer must have thorough knowledge of them to be successful in a truck accident case. At the Law Offices of Shepard & Haven in Sacramento, we have a team of truck accident lawyers who have extensive knowledge of local, state, and federal trucking laws and regulations, and they have broad experience in litigating cases involving truck accidents. Basic information on truck accident law is available on this page. To learn more, speak to one of the Car accident lawyers near me.

Why do I need truck accident lawyers?

Our Sacramento area truck accident lawyers provide expert representation to our clients to help them negotiate with large trucking and insurance companies successfully, and to take them to court if they offer unsatisfactory compensation. As our case results show, our truck accident lawyers have the expertise and experience to help clients achieve full compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering resulting from their injuries, as well as for damage to their vehicle and other hardships.

What qualifies as a large truck? How big are commercial trucks?

Any vehicle over 10,000 pounds qualifies as a large truck under federal law. Most semi trucks are much heavier when towing a full load – often in excess of 60,000 pounds. Many commercial trucks are easily 30 times the size of an average car, making them a grave threat to drivers of automobiles and other smaller vehicles.

What safety regulations govern the trucking industry?

Federal and state regulations pertain to almost every aspect of the trucking industry. In an effort to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue, federal laws limit the time a driver can spend on the road before taking a break. Drivers are also required to maintain a log of their driving hours. Unfortunately, many drivers violate driving-time limits in order to deliver cargo more quickly. If a driver works long hours and causes a truck accident while fatigued, your lawyers will be able to construct a strong case against that driver and his or her employers.

Additional regulations govern maintenance and almost every specific component and system of a modern commercial truck. By investigating the state of the truck involved in your accident, our lawyers can determine the regulations that were violated and construct a strong case.

Can I negotiate with the trucking company’s insurance company on my own?

After being involved in a truck accident, you are certainly free to negotiate with the trucking company’s insurance company on your own. However, the insurance company likely has a team of expert lawyers who will do everything they can to get you to accept the lowest possible settlement. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you consult our Sacramento area truck accident lawyers before speaking with any insurance company representative. By doing so, you will protect yourself, and you will have a much, much better probability of achieving the full compensation you deserve. Our truck accident lawyers are trained to negotiate with insurance companies, and they will use their experience and expertise to protect your interests.

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