The Best Criminal Lawyer in Houston

Law enforcement agents are always on alert to discover people who default driving rules. There are many dos and don’ts in driving and you have to take precaution in playing by the rules. One of the most offensive crimes in driving is “drunk driving”. This crime is treated with all seriousness in Texas and many other cities and states of the United States of America. Once law enforcement runs a test on you and discovers that you are drunk driving, they will charge you to court. However, it is your right to defend yourself so as to avoid the penalties and the charges that comes with drunk driving.

When charged to court for drunk driving, you are usually given 15 days to do everything you can in order to defend yourself. This is when hiring the best Houston DWI attorney becomes very relevant. There is obviously no need of going for inexperienced lawyers at such a critical moment. If your only option is winning the case, then you need to go for the Benavides law firm which has a track record of winning criminal cases. Criminal cases should not be handled by inexperienced lawyers. The lawyer you should hire has to be able to know what to say and what to do in the law court in order to win the case to your side. This is why Benavides law firm is the best law firm to reckon with at such a time.

Kelly Benavides has lots of experiences in criminal law. She is a member of many professional legal bodies in Texas and Houston and this gives her edges over other attorneys. The Houston DWI lawyer has also undergone lots of professional trainings and therefore can handle any form of DWI or criminal cases. She also handles other traffic related cases including hot check defenses, traffic ticket offenses and so forth. No matter the felony or the misdemeanor, you can trust the Benavides law firm to handle it appropriately. You are invited to discuss your needs with the professional San Antonio theft crime attorney and be rest assured that she will defend you to the best of her abilities.

Kelly Benavides defends her clients aggressively. She will wield all her legal prowess to defend your rights. This is because she understands how important winning the case is to you. The Houston DWI attorney can stand for you in the law court while you go about your business. You can leverage her free consultancy to discuss your unique case and obtain the best defense. You do not need to lose your freedom and your license in the criminal case. Kelly Benavides is the criminal lawyer who wants to help you to recover your rights. She understands that the best defense should not cost you the entire earth and that is why the cost of the service is made as affordable as possible. You can contact her today to obtain the best defense in the Harris County and the surrounding counties.

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